Shoot me! (first post)

7 08 2008

20080806-202045-6713_(sRGB), originally uploaded by mungozan.

I finally decided to get this blogthingy going. It´s been almost two years before I last tried anything like this, not since my PADding (Photo A Day) in 2005 and 2006. Let´s see how this works out.
Here´s a picture I took yesterday in the evening market of Kokkola, my birth town.

I saw this guy and kinda lured him into asking me to take his picture, because I thought he looked interesting. I stood two feet away with my camera while he was talking to some other chap. After he was done, he saw me with camera and asked to take his picture and so I did. It´s great how things sometimes work out 🙂

The rest of those pics can be found here:




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