Susanna´s photoshoot

26 09 2008

Last saturday I spent the day shooting pictures with my sister Susanna, for her modeling portfolio. These pictures are just some shots of the outdoors shooting session.

Shooting these type of modeling shots is a nice variation of my normal street shooting. I enjoyed this type of shooting as well, I must say. Of course, it helps if the model you shoot is used to model, like she is.

In the first shot, she was sitting on the “Nero´s stairs”, in the place called “Harju” in the middle of Jyväskylä. My camera was on the tripod and I held a golden reflector on my left hand. Of course, some post-processing was involved with Adobe´s new Lightroom 2.0. The camera on this shot was Canon 5D with 35 f1.4L lens:

20080920-110346-9752_sRGB, originally uploaded by mungozan.

The second shot was on the other end of the Harju. I was going for 70´s feeling on this one, hence the low contrast post-processing. Shot with 5D+24-105 f4L and 580 EX II flash:

20080920-115917-9927_sRGB, originally uploaded by mungozan.

The third one here shows some nice natural lighting on the picture. I simply didn´t feel I should use anything but sunlight here. Of course, post-processing was made on Lightroom 2. I really like that new Brush effect -feature! Shot with 5D+ 35L:

20080920-123122-0052_sRGB, originally uploaded by mungozan.

After the Harju we went to center of the city for some street-style portraits. I tried couple of different styles with post-processing in Lightroom 2. I personally like the last one the best and left it with the most natural look. All of these last 3 were shot with 5D + 35 f1.4L:

20080920-131322-0106_sRGB, originally uploaded by mungozan.

20080920-132354-0183_sRGB, originally uploaded by mungozan.

20080920-132619-0198_sRGB, originally uploaded by mungozan.

For the second part you can expect some studio shots later..




2 responses

21 10 2008
anerino originals

some really fine work here! love the cross processed look of that one photo!

24 10 2008

Thanks for your kind words! I was just about to post some studio shots here as well..

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