Easter bonfire

24 04 2009

20090411-213630-1535_sRGB, originally uploaded by mungozan.

We were at Bothnia during the easter, this was one of the shots I took there by the bonfire. Shot with 5D + 35 f1.4L + 580EX on remote. On flash, there was warming filter and a diffusor thingy made from Ikea´s drawer plastic and a foam from local arts & crafts shop..

More shot on my flickr photostream, as usual.

Bachelors looking for a new home..

28 02 2009

20090227-101824-2533-Edit_sRGB, originally uploaded by mungozan.

20090227-102056-2559_sRGB, originally uploaded by mungozan.

We returned from Bothnia yesterday. In Paula´s parents´ place, I took pictures of two roosters looking for a new home. Really, they are looking for a new home. Give me a call, if you know anyone interested of couple of young roosters. I´m serious 🙂


1 11 2008

Ha-ha-Halloween!, originally uploaded by mungozan.

Even if we call it differently, it´s almost the same here: Halloween, that is. All the good-ol´American traditions end up here in Finland as well. No harm there, I guess. Halloween is one of the coolest of those 😉